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Subject: Re: Fruits in the matter - final reminder!

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Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2019 13:49:09 +0200

From: Ursula Sabisch <>

To:   Professionals of the Care Centres

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The German-language document you may find here!

Dear Mr. L. ...., Ladies and Gentlemen of the Professionals of the Care Centres,

Dear Readers,

The most important thing you should understand is that there are people who should be told by others, after years of torment, that something is going on around them and others, so that they can finally understand that they are not crazy and are also in the right, claiming that they were driven into this situation, in which they are now partly* stuck for decades, by the administration of the highly dangerous psychotropic drugs. 

Otherwise, these affected people** would in part* probably no longer be alive, but the very first administration of such substances at a still young age, which act in the brain, have probably also caused some things, which still come to bear today through chain diseases, especially when there could possibly be a modified** and sensitive gene, in which we as humans** will additionally all be clearly different.

My person knows what she is writing about!

You cannot administer such drugs equally to every person affected, and certainly not "prescribe "* some overdoses!

You and your entire circle of colleagues must understand this, so that you also know, who is writing to you and you should be able to recognise that it is not a request in this matter.

You will find out what is really going on through the tenants of the gardens of the aforementioned gardens, through the tenants from the neighbourhood of my person and those of the persons I have met, through almost all the citizens of Luebeck and their immediate surroundings, or you will find out from foreign and distant countries as well as from all over the world!

You have all had more than enough time, you have the information of my homepages at your disposal and, in my opinion, you have long since gone beyond the given limit that was available!

On my part, you and others will learn nothing more in the "garden matter" if there are no competent contacts from another side and my pocket money does not appear immediately in my account!

Ask the ill  actors of the gardens what is going on and please tell these ill people that if they are very lucky, my person will unmistakably teach them how a human being has to behave when unusual events from the Monumental-Area keep showing up, whereby special persons are involved in them and this is most likely to happen to some Luebecker citizens for decades!

Please transfer the aforementioned gardens to my ownership immediately and if this does not happen in a decent way, then these sick people will just learn the other way!

With kind Regards

Ursula Sabisch

The time is long over for such games !! ! !

This mail now belongs on the Internet in an abbreviated form while respecting the persons!

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