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Scenario Technology

Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck

 To the School Authorities

​of Luebeck and Hamburg

Luebeck, Friday, 25 October 2002

Free English translation yon 28 October 2021.

Circulation to all Young People in Luebeck and Hamburg.

Please let the German-language writing be translated into all languages.

Dear Young People of Luebeck and Hamburg!

Today your Empress, of whom you will certainly have heard in part, would like to explain herself to you briefly, so that you can understand why there must be people who have been conceived as Authorities.
My person in particular, the Empress, has demonstrably responded clearly to events and occurrences that have taken place in her life in this "fairy tale", which will also have to be classified among history, in order to get out of the death cycle, in which the Empress also often found herself at different intervals.

Please let your teachers explain to you what psychoses are and let them teach you about the generally occurring symptoms, so that you can essentially understand why the Empress now addresses the following requirement to you.

When a person no longer moves exclusively in reality, he or she makes contact with super-dimensional connections and usually begins to react through them, which usually ends up on a wrong track.

The most common symptoms are the feeling of being listened to and also observed, and also the feeling of being controlled. This leads to increased feelings of mistrust and fear, up to the fear of death in connection with a lot of stress, because the nerves are literally on edge. Your Empress was also frequently in these connections, with sensory delusions also occurring.

For these aforementioned reasons, the Empress also took the initiative during these symptoms, especially through the suspicion of somehow being bugged, but also through her firm belief in the existence of God and fought back through not spoken, thought words.

After all, there must be an explanation for every mental illness; this is especially true for the symptoms of drug addicts. Through this basis of the now established connections through psychosis, your Empress was able to simultaneously acquire an extensive, monumental knowledge and react accordingly.

The treatment by the psychotropic drugs then literally sent my person to the devil and certainly somewhere else entirely, which actually could no longer be permissible several times over. Now, through this sure source and sure signs, the Empress bears a title that is not to be trifled with much longer.

The bearing of a title* also applies to your Emperor D. G. but also to your King J. P., who must now carry the whole world together with the Emperor and the Empress. We three persons are logically all quite different personalities, just as each individual human being is a separate personality.

The Empress can therefore only declare for herself what she wants and where she will also lead you. So that no false hopes arise and you too will meet the Empress as a dictator, who will not allow any other path than the one she has already laid down in writing, you should be informed about some of these various letters. (See homepages)*

Nevertheless, a great deal of initiative and imagination on the part of every human being is absolutely necessary, and in this respect there is a great deal of freedom left for every human being throughout the world.

In retrospect, you and others will be able to feel much freer and remain free; in the end, this is what matters, so that the initial difficulties must be overcome.

Also for the agents, who will be composed only of Princes (primarily royal Danish ambassadors)*, this groundbreaking order applies especially; thus also for your Prince M. P.*, who also comes from Luebeck. By the way, a true cardinal is equal to a true prince; you shall be informed of this knowledge in more detail later.

The Empress has laid down very clear principles for you, especially with regard to the question of free study, which will ensure a future in a regulated and orderly manner.

With all severity and strictness, the Empress will try, together with the remaining "adults", to bring a normal and secure world out of this "amusement park" or this* "world" that has become silly.

This includes that every person is involved in this common commission of the Lord and that everyone makes his or her real contribution to it, because the Empress is not a martyr who strives for a halo; that is out of the question for my person at all !

However, should my person not be given the place that my person demands, then it soon looks as if my person, the Empress, will have to abdicate or give up. As a totally broken person, the Empress will certainly not be able to rule (do what she wants)* and would thus only be able to pile up.

Your obligation as primarily the Luebecker youths is that you should change your conversations about the mobile phone. In the meantime, the mobile phone has become a substitute grievance box or gossip bag, which is used almost daily.

(It is quite possible that conversations already held could be fed back via "mobile phone scenario technology"!"**.)

In future, please try to make extremely exaggerated conversations or telephone calls through your conducted conversations especially in the presence of older people or also such "glad-handing actors"; in doing so, "you can give free rein to your" imagination, because you now have the right.

These whackos would have been your future, if everything could have gone on like this. Also, please press any harmless buttons or pull out a plug here and there or vice versa. Sit down at "your" PC and switch it around a bit and please disrupt the well-worn routine!

Please do not try to educate your parents or teachers; if necessary, someone else* will now take over together with your Authorities. (Monumental Manager)*
You too will be educated in this way if necessary, but primarily it will be the so-called adults who were and remain responsible for you and your lives.

First you, as the people of Luebeck, are also called upon to do this; then it is to continue with the people of Hamburg and so this edition is to creep around the whole globe, so that at a proper time an entire restructuring can take place. (.....)

There will not be much time left for this entire restructuring and it is also dependent on the health of your Emperor, Empress, King and Princes*. (There must also be negative Princes, but please not in the King's staff and therefore not in the Royal Danish Ambassadorial Chain)**.

Attention must also be paid to the health and welfare of certain clergy, as there are quite strict parallel connections that are sacrosanct. In this fairy tale there will probably still be a Queen by marriage and some Princes and Princesses.

However, the Princes and Princesses will almost* all come from foreign cultures and will have a very hard time in life, so you'd better not forget that and please act accordingly, because after all, it is precautionary for the children and for you as young adolescents who are now involved in responsibility.

Maybe you can get your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents to run all the push-button switching, plug-in and plug-out actions as well as perhaps the heating-on and off-actions on a grand scale! 

(These actions could become vital for survival and that is when King Juergen will call for this action for the Earth!)

The Empress very much wishes that many an elderly person or a mature* person sitting in a position of power would additionally get a "full-shit nappy" slapped around their ears left and right; perhaps their twisted thinking would then be cleared up again.

P. p.  Ursula Sabisch

The families, especially the family of the Empress, are to be kept out of the offices of your Authorities in any case, but also to be protected.

9 September 2016*

Document has been amended and supplemented ** February 2018** / February 2021**.

HP: The remote controls for opening the car doors, for example, have a presumably quite significant (para)-function and belong to one of these scenario-techniques, which must be ended in Luebeck as soon as possible, so that one can find out or recognise what function this specific scenario has.

If necessary, the Hanseatic City of Luebeck will later, when everyone else has to cycle, briefly drive cars again, which Prince M. will have to guide.

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